A responsive site to compliment the brand


The Challenge

This internet marketing company needed a fresh new look for their established brand. They needed a responsive site that would modernize their brand’s color and simultaneously feature the many different products that they sell.

 The Solution

By using a muted color palette that included deep purple as an accent color, I brought sophistication to the site and incorporated their current logo. By using a boxed layout and large visuals, I created points of visual interest for the diverse visitors to the site, allowing each potential customer to find something that interests them. The call to action in the main banner also allows visitors to book seminars with one click.


Attracting the Full Spectrum of Customers


Something for Everyone

Unique products specifically placed to interest a large variety of customers with different internet marketing needs were prominently displayed on the home page.



A closer look at what they do

A question and answer section directly under the main header addresses any uncertainty about what the company does and who they cater to.


Click Bate

Multiple video links and call-to-actions make it easy for visitors to get to their intended destination and become more familiar with the company and it’s products.


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