A Food Magazine Website Concept


The Challenge

The client was looking for a magazine style website to accompany their monthly print magazine. They needed advertising space, prominent image spots to engage viewers, and automatic placement of stories depending on their spots in the printed version. They also needed a spot to up-sell their print magazine and capture subscribers.


The Solution

I created a website mockup that utilized a grid system, ensuring that mobile users would have easy reading on the site. The advertising space was utilized on the right hand side of the pages, making it easy to substitute google ads until interested buyers could be obtained. The “subscribe” call-to-action is also in a leading spot on the top banner. The calm color palette will accent images of food and not compete.



Designing for Mobile


Grid System

Clean and aesthetic, the use of columns allows for easy resizing on smaller screens like tablets and mobile devices.


Designed with Managers in Mind

Designed to be used with a powerful content management system so that updates are simple to make and seamless to incorporate into the live site. WordPress offers such a platform for my clients.


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